Pizza Paradise – Travel Channel

From thin crust to deep dish, this Italian import has remained a staple in the American diet for over 100 years. Whether you top yours off with vegetables, m…

25 thoughts on “Pizza Paradise – Travel Channel

  1. Rachael Fowler

    Hey I found this great starter at Sourdoughs International…AMAZING! All kinds of different starters, my personal favorite is the “San Francisco!” Not only are the starters great but so is the company, small town family owned. I highly suggest checking them out!!

  2. Navstradamus

    I love the way that bitch said “if you can afford it” like she actually paid for it! Fuckin gold digga! And that is the opposite of what real pizza is all about its a peasant dish it’s supposed to be affordable hahaha

  3. nilufar yesmin

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  4. cbeth jessen

    I agree with you 100 percent. You can probably go to rays and lombardis and pay only 20 bucks

  5. m7000d

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  6. peaceluv bathandbodyworks

    I love Lou malnati’s!! They have the best deep dish pizza and there are so many locations to go to!!!

  7. walhalla254

    14:05: best pizza in the world? have you seen the world? I bet you never left your town ;-D


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