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25 thoughts on “Chief Keef: Donkey of the Day [01-18-13] – The Breakfast Club – Power 105.1

  1. Jay Effkay

    If you say bang bang in your songs and roll round like a tough guy

    You cannot cry in public period…

    You getting money from your image, suck it up clown

  2. Michael McCray

    Illinois you do to people gotta understand Chicago is highly Authoritarian and our justice system is very serious. Niggas that ain’t get caught yet lucky

  3. mooncooninc83

    And yet…virtually EVERYONE bashed bashed Lupe?!

    It’s like what Lupe says on his new album…”Ain’t no future in no gang bang…and ain’t no manhood in no ‘Bang-Bang”.

  4. taye2smoothies

    Bru neva a actor, nigga cried cause he don’t wanna go to jail , he 17 he still a kid .. that don’t mean he soft , dude a human …

  5. Carlo Rodgers

    man bitch it was in a video and i do know him we came from the same street 64th and normal i use to go to skool with his sister before his mom and him moved

  6. james09092012

    So you would beat another nigga’s ass for talking shit about a nigga you don’t even know? Lol what sense does that make? Dumbass nigga.

  7. james09092012

    What does that have to do with anything? Kids shouldn’t be fathering babies at 15, kids shouldn’t be firing guns and killing people, kids shouldn’t be shooting at police officers, kids shouldn’t be bragging about selling dope. Who cares if he’s a kid or not?


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