Best hotdog seller in New York

west 93st central park west.

24 thoughts on “Best hotdog seller in New York

  1. TrashpigsTrashpit

    Who wants one, they’re not grey when they’re cooked!”
    “Who wants my meat?”
    “C’mon, I washed my hand!”
    “Take a bite of my hot chihuahua meat!”

  2. Dan4USCTroy

    grab a dog and head about 7 minutes to Trump tower and try to get a picture with Ivanka with your mustard stain

  3. david292978

    looks liek a good sales man, but the product iunno, just steamed buns and boiled hot dogs is kinda boring yo. i do mine on a open fire grill, get the bun all toasty, i do fried onions, real cheddar, got like 20 condemants. got like 6 sausages to choose from. including beef hotogs , spicy italians, jumbo bratwurst, garlic polish, smokie, veggie dog. what hes doing would be good if he sells by volume, doesnt look like it tho

  4. KoolJayJ

    yea bullshit….. all i hear is words…. prove it…….

    I mean even if its possible they have to work pretty much 24/7

  5. Matt2779

    Yes I can see that happening..however when you are about 6’5″ and weigh about 280 pounds. I think you really have nothing to worry about. If I where to do this I would carry a weapon.


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