America’s Top 5 Pizza Joints – Travel Channel

America's Top 5 Pizza Joints - Travel Channel

The top 5 pizza joints from Travel Channel’s Chowdown Countdown. Watch 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown Sunday at 10pm E/P on Travel Channel. http://www.trave…
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24 thoughts on “America’s Top 5 Pizza Joints – Travel Channel

  1. slmmaster27

    i can say one thing is all that pizza looks gross. yal need to come 2 florida too have a real pizza. just saying

  2. 1MuchButteR1

    China has a population of over 1 billion, 4 times larger than U.S. and they have less fat people than the entire population of U.S. Now stfu moron.

  3. immad120

    I still find it funny how you still don’t get they point i was trying to make…Do you want 2 more weeks or should I tell you?

  4. 1MuchButteR1

    Its not small even compared to US… Who are you calling a smart ass dumb ass? A country with a population over 100 million is never considered ‘small.’


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