The Weiner Circle

This is a clip I cut out from the awesome TV show on Showtime, “This American Life.” The clip is about the Wiener Circle, a hot dog joint that any college-ag…
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24 thoughts on “The Weiner Circle

  1. Rusty James

    everyone is talking white this and black that. its cause they’re DRUNK. alchohol makes the dark side come out of people. so slow your roll with the race blame game.

  2. Louis Muskat

    I am from Chicago and i have been to this place many times. The people behind the counter are just joking around and having fun. The crazy customers are the ones causing the problem. I would recommend the restaurant if you don’t mind a few jokes because the food is great.

  3. BiologicalUnit2380

    good example of how social decency/civilization breaks down in stages. Toss verbal politeness aside and soon other behaviors will follow. Next thing you know knives & guns appear, someone gets the feelings hurt, and the place erupts into murderous mob insanity.

  4. Ryan Storm

    Grow a pair? It’s great fun having been there myself and it’s an awesome time. It’s all tongue in cheek.

  5. voilentnerd

    i’d rather have that rather than fake hospitality that most other places offer. no one gives a fuck who you are they just dont care to hide it.

  6. RifRafization

    Only people with a sense of humor would understand such a place when your in there – – but i SEE assholes that cross lines that’s being a cunt

  7. TejasM14

    I would expect the back and forth banter to be harmless a lot of times. But at the same time, I am pretty sure there must have been some extremely sore moments as well. For that reason alone, I don’t think anyone sensible should go there and ad profit to their business.

  8. relld05

    Actually I went in there after coincidentally driving past it. Its all fun between Black people, cracking jokes and having a laugh is commonplace. We had our back and forth and were all laughing it up together, the people were mad cool.

  9. vivirox2011

    I really thought this show was pretty funny until I saw this–unfortunately there is such a thing as racism–underlying racism that few see–maybe because the rataliation that it would get from the black community and also Latino community! It was funny to a point, but then it turned into something so much harsher and deeper…maybe it’s time for some change? I don’t want this show back because of that and I understand why they took it off.

  10. shizells12442

    I have been there multiple times. Although the abuse is not as bad always, it can get pretty bad at times. Whites always tend to say something racist, they fail at banter without it. I am not sure I approve of it.


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