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Funny Prayer about Getting Old at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner

With the timing of a professional comedian, this diminutive “little old lady” shines a very funny light on the foibles of aging, to the delight of an audience filled with senior-care experts. A friend of the couple who founded Home Instead Senior Care, Mary Maxwell was asked to give the invocation at the company’s 2009 Convention. Initially it seemed like a normal prayer, but it soon took a very funny turn. Her deadpan delivery and lines like …This is the first time I’ve ever been old… and it just sort of crept up on me … had everyone rolling in the aisles. For more of Mary’s unique view on aging, check out her video blog on CaregiverStress.com: www.caregiverstress.com Find out more at www.homeinstead.com.

The Bachelor – Season 14 Episode 2 Part 2

The Bachelor - Season 14 Episode 2 Part 2

www.watchbachelor.com The 15 bachelorettes move into the mansion. Six take part in a magazine photo shoot, five accompany Jake to an amusement park and one flies to Palm Springs (with Jake at the controls) for a private Chicago concert, a lakeside dinner and, perhaps, a rose. But in a new twist, a rose doesn’t guarantee safety. After the rose ceremony—and after a line is crossed that shouldn’t have been—12 women return to the mansion. The Bachelor – Season 14 Episode 2 Youtube doesn’t allow publishing, to see the full episode go to www.watchbachelor.com
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Virginia-Highland's Bed & Breakfast Warrior

Virginia-Highland's Bed & Breakfast Warrior
Northrup, a longtime Atlantan and community activist, is the owner of the Virginia-Highland Bed & Breakfast at 630 Orme Circle, which she has operated since opening it in 1996. Opening a B&B wasn't in the cards for the Chicago native, who moved to …
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Lights Over Bridgeport Aims for Spot on Warped Tour

Lights Over Bridgeport Aims for Spot on Warped Tour
Now the band is aiming for a chance to play on the biggest stage of their music careers with a spot at this summer's Warped Tour. To get the gig, they'll have to win a Battle of the Bands contest that relies heavily on social media buzz. The band is …
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Avalanche simulation at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Avalanche simulation in the “Science Storms” exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. According to chicago.timeout.com Display: A 20-foot rotating steel disk tilts at approximately a 20-degree angle. On top of it, garnet sand and glass beads continually cascade down the disk, creating an uncannily snowlike stream of white. Castellini says the museum consulted with Kahn about a difficult part of this display: the rotating piece of steel with a topside smoothed correctly to allow sand and beads to run overtop. To create the huge motor, Castellini says the museum consulted with an engineer who produced Disneyland amusements like Splash Mountain. Physics lesson: In the display, you’ll notice that the brownish sand and white glass beads never mix. And they never will. This has to do with force and gravity. Scientists study avalanches to see how an individual snowflake’s crystal shape affects big packs of snow; they’re ultimately trying to predict when and where an avalanche will occur.
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