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Re: Fast Food CEO Shuts Down Struggling Branch During ‘Undercover Boss’ Episode

Re: Fast Food CEO Shuts Down Struggling Branch During 'Undercover Boss' Episode

Source: ekdos As Rick Silva’s turn on “Undercover Boss” began this past Friday, he spent time singing the praises of his company’s high standards. The CEO of the Checkers and Rally’s fast-food burger chain demands “perfection,” he said, and makes regular use of focus groups to test the chain’s burgers. But on his in-disguise visits to three restaurants, he heard an entirely different story. His company’s infrastructure is lacking, and you can’t hear orders on the speaker system at the drive-through. Buttons are mislabeled at the preparation stations. Some of his floor managers have barely received any training. But the real eye-opener came from working alongside three rank-and-file employees. The trio of crew members who found themselves training a man named “Alex Garcia” taught him what perfection is really about. Take Todd, a member of the grill and fry station at a branch in Homestead, Florida. He needs his job not just for his own livelihood but also for his mom’s. And so he endures the abuse of the store manager, who threatens his employees with physical beatings to get them into line. But when questioned outside by a man whom he presumed to be a random contestant on a reality show — Silva in disguise — about the situation, Todd overcame any fear about standing out and stands up. The treatment makes him feel “worthless,” he told Alex. And so it’s exactly in that spirit that he approached Stevens, the manager in Homestead who bullied Todd and threatened the other
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Specimania – The Field Museum’s first iOS game – A trailer from Eight Bit Studios

Specimania is an original iOS game designed and developed by Eight Bit Studios for The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Download it for free on the iTunes App Store: itunes.apple.com For more information about the museum and it’s exhibits go to: fieldmuseum.org To learn more about the developer go to eightbitstudios.com
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Chicago’s Finest :: A Funny COD Black Ops Live Capture Gameplay

I SWEAR…. All I did was ask this guy where he was from! Sometimes I think I am just a magnet for this stuff. Try to keep in mind I only record this, so dont send me your hatemail. Also I have about an hour of footage on this guy. He is actually a very funny trashtalker, when he is not being so judgmental. SO THUMB THE VIDEO UP if you would like to see more of him. subscribe for more Live capture comedy gameplay right here at www.youtube.com and follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com
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