Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party opens at the Brooklyn Museum

Judy Chicago's Dinner Party opens at the Brooklyn Museum

Judy Chicago will be exhibiting at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in September 2007 to coincide with CAFKA.07: Haptic. CAFKA.TV was there when the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art officially opened at the Brooklyn Museum. Judy Chicago’s iconic piece The Dinner Party is now on permanent display as the centerpiece of the Center’s collection. Watch for more footage from the opening coming soon at www.cafka.tv www.judychicago.com www.brooklynmuseum.org www.canadianclayandglass.ca
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12 thoughts on “Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party opens at the Brooklyn Museum

  1. siouxbeed

    Saw this when first in exhibition. Have wondered about why it faded from exhibition and what had become of the plates. You are very right to say it was a very strong statement in the ’70s and to witness this art was quite emotional for this viewer. I am now considering a first visit to the museum. Chicago made a deep, positive impression with her art on my young feminist self.

  2. Bunzypoo

    This is art people. Don’t get too worked up over it. Sounds more like you’re “scared” of vaginas from reading your posts. You people need to find another outlet for your anger. This is an art post…mmmmkay. lol

  3. Ednor Rowe

    I recall Pastor’s wife at U.C.C. church I was brought up in (born again now) helped, was snubbed later by, I guess, some lady who made vagina plates. I was too young to know what one (vagina) looked like, but reading 2 Kings today, see Israel cursed, last good king Josiah getting rid of “quarters of the male cult prostitutes” and “women who did weaving for Asherah.” Seems like from my youthful imprssions, Obama’s U.C.C. support for partial birth abortion, & his U.C.C. affiliation, PARALLELS…

  4. lieberso

    That is really good news – I didn’t know that the work is still complete and so well preserved. It has been one of the most important artworks as I’ve study history of arts and feminist art.


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