5 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

Jared & Jensen at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago, Nov 2008.

25 thoughts on “5 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

  1. HPForever08

    If all else fails, these guys can get into stand up comedy. =))
    I love how every cast member of SPN has a different kind of sense of humour! Each one is funny in their own way, so there’s always something in there for everybody.
    God, working on the sets of Supernatural must be a laugh riot. I’d freak out if I could ever go…I have an inability to stop laughing like a jackal (like ALL the time). 😛

  2. KHWendy28

    hey thank you so much for posting these vids I love the show and those guys are just great and boy they are hot I so love jared he is so cute and funny and jensen what a cool dude so again thanks I hope to see more.

  3. sydhorse

    God I can’t stop laughing at 1:37 it’s to funny what jared is doing and jensen is like what r u doing LoL

  4. MegaMuffin4568

    LOL “WHAT are you doing?!”
    “…what are YOU doing??”
    thank you for posting all of these! 🙂

  5. allthatjazz1969

    I know exactly how you feel!!!! But since I’ll never meet them (I live in Germany) I guess this is easier for me to say :)

  6. ashwinchester

    XD You’re right! I never really noticed, seems Jared’s more of a morning person. 😛 I love how he’s bringing Jensen out of his shell, cuz we all knoooooow it’s him that’s doing it. ;D Jensen is definitely getting a little more well deserved confidence.

  7. alexisrg7

    yeah, but he loves Jared’s lines, they both just play off each other so well. I noticed how in this Con Jared takes the lead and acts super goofy, then at La one he seems more subdued and Jensen gets really silly. its like tag team. your it!

  8. ashwinchester

    I love the way Jensen looks at Jared all the time. Everytime Jared does or says something goofy..which is pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth, Jensen always looks like he’s thinking, “Oh, my god! What a freakin weirdo!” ;D

  9. rsrvedMom

    Jensen is definitely more laid back… Jared is a bit hyper. I remember seeing an interview before where Jared said he mainly works out now to burn off some of his energy because he can be “annoying”… I can’t remember which interview that was… He can annoy me any time 🙂

  10. rsrvedMom

    I’ll second that. Jensen is good with throwing him leading questions and comments that get him going again. Jim Beaver was pretty good at that also in Dallas… I wonder if Misha is going to be at the breakfast with Jared in New Jersey (so far no Jim or Jensen)…

  11. rsrvedMom

    I am 46 and I usually like guys like Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis… but Jared has broken my pattern…. I have to keep telling myself, “look, but don’t touch! Look, but don’t touch!” 🙂

  12. AuntieGrainne

    Jared was so cute with those darn packs. I kept thinking….man, his nimples must be freezing by now. Ahhh, man….I wish I was younger. The boy makes me feel like some kind of cougar 🙂

  13. soraimya

    im from san antonio and its just funny how freain outgoing he is and btw yes the spurs our in a rut, thank yo so much for uploading this!!!!

  14. RockxNasty

    hey i have a question i was watching someone elses version of this and jensen came on stage and someone asked what their favorite behind the scenes moment was and someone clearly yelled something innapporiate because Jensen said ‘what’ really loud (kinda like he was in disbelief) and Jared said ‘that’s not funny’ all serious and i was just wondering if you caught what was said more clearly on you vids…(everyone else is saying someone yelled wincest but i couldn’t hear it so now im asking you)

  15. rsrvedMom

    Probably because of the amount he was sweating in Dallas. He kept asking if anybody had one of those little personal fans or a spritzer for him to cool off with. According to Jensen he sweats profusely… that statement was done in a cute BuddyTV interview.


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