4 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

4 - Supernatural Chicago Breakfast - 2008Nov

Jared & Jensen at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago, Nov 2008.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “4 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

  1. kirikagure

    Ignore the lateness of this, but it’s at 2:59/3:00 when they talk about how the titles of the episodes have changed.

  2. magicalgirl

    I never noticed before but Jared seems to get so shy around :40 right after the girl says “you’re a hot guy”. It’s kinda sweet, actually.

  3. HopelessDaydreamer55

    Jensen’s NEVER gonna live Eye of the Tiger down. Thank god that director kept the camera’s rolling. that was EPIC! <3<3

  4. rsrvedMom

    @VivaLaTiva One of the fans had given Jared one of those packs to cool off because he is always “hot” and sweats a lot… Then, she tells him “You’re a hot guy” and Jensen walks away like he felt unloved… “As if” anybody could think he wasn’t “hot”…. too cute!

  5. StratagemBlue

    “I’m from Germany. I only understand the Hoff. I’ll be damned! I didn’t know that was real!” I died laughing at that. Has to be the funniest Jared moment ever <3

  6. laura mcc

    LMFAO ‘nothing to see here..’

    ‘We have like real magicans.. um what are they called?’
    LMAO, i adore jensen.

  7. alexisrg7

    I love how Jared gets the audience to give Jensen a compliment, they always make fun of each other, but find cute ways to compliment each other too, like Jensen telling Jared he look good in pink XD

  8. alexisrg7

    “thats why they write my words for me”

    Keep talking Jared, you doing so good

    thats why we can’t have nice things – LOL

    Love them, Jared has such a great sense of humor he makes fun of himself, and Jensen, and Jensen’s reactions/comebacks are just dead on!

  9. schnuffe25

    the last two minutes are soooooooo funny “duett”??????????????????? oh yes is sooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. rsrvedMom

    I listened on my home computer and couldn’t really make it out either. It sounded like he said “come again?” Someone was saying Jared was “hotter” because he sweats so much… Jensen was saying that related to “temperature”; then some people in the audience were saying Jensen was therefore “cooler”… I thought that little “competition” was cute! I love it when the guys play off of each other like that.

  11. ashwinchester

    At exactly 2:59 he says purple monkey dish washer, when they’re talking about how long the names of the shows have become..And I just gotta say too, cuz I havent seen anything else about it, but I LOVE the way Jared stands when the woman says hes a hot guy. Lol. Very photogenic, that was a very sexy pose. 😛


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