3 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

3 - Supernatural Chicago Breakfast - 2008Nov

Jared & Jensen at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago, Nov 2008.

25 thoughts on “3 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

  1. rsrvedMom

    I drive about 12 hours to get to Chicago. It is a long, long drive… but I go with my Mom, Sister, and sometimes my son so we chat the whole way. I always go up there the day before and I try to start in the middle of the night so I get there about lunch time the day before the convention starts.

  2. aishaforp

    Hi I was wondering, when you go to the conventions do you drive or fly? I live in MD as well and i just wanted to know if it’s really difficult to drive to a convention, considering time, sleep and all that stuff?

  3. rsrvedMom

    Very! Anybody that is alone is probably willing to pal around. And groups are too. I tend to just walk up to anybody wearing a convention badge and strike up a conversation. There will be lots of time while waiting in line to register, buy photo ops and signatures, get photo ops and signatures… I even bump into people just hanging out at the vendor booths. As long as you love Supernatural, you will find someone to talk to.

  4. xEternallyDazzled

    Thank you so much! That’s really helpful. 🙂

    One last thing, chances are I will be going alone, and I probably won’t be sitting with anyone I know, so would you say the crowd is friendly? Haha!

  5. rsrvedMom

    The breakfast is in a different room than the Q&A session. The Q&A is held in a very big ballroom and the breakfast is held in a more intimate setting. There are still about 40 tables with 10 people per table at the breakfast, but compared to the HUGE ballroom, it is intimate; only Gold members can attend the breakfast. The tables are assigned to Gold ticket holders based on when you signed up. The earlier you buy your ticket, the nearer your table will be.

  6. xEternallyDazzled

    I’ll be atended the LA Con this March, and it will be my first and last convention so I got a gold pass.

    I was just wondering how the breakfasts work? Because I keep reading about ‘tables’ and such though it also seems like there’s rows and seats in these videos 🙂

  7. kellyackles

    Hey rsrvedmom how do you find out about the conventions? ive always wanted to go to one but i have no idea when they are or where. will you let me kno? id really like to go to one cuz they seem like so much fun.

  8. ashwinchester

    Naw, I understand, that’s okay, but it sucks, cuz BabyBlueSteel is one of my other favorites, and she didn’t get any of Jared’s interview, cuz they cut back on the filming for his. 🙁 But thanks anyway. ;P

  9. ashwinchester

    Hey were you at the newest convention..the LA one? Just wanted to know if I should keep a look out for vids if you were. ;D

  10. rsrvedMom

    Oooops, I thought you were talking about Chicago. My NJ ticket is like A26 or A28… Something like that. My sister and mother are farther back… in row J.

  11. rsrvedMom

    I think I should be in the same seat as last time… A23 (I think). First right to the right hand side a bit. I guess I will see ya there.

  12. kaosgurl

    oh awesome!! i have to meet you.. your videos are my fav to watch! did you get the gold package? i’m in the second row

  13. rsrvedMom

    Yep, I already ordered my ticket… I live in Maryland, so this is the closest convention to me (so far).

  14. rsrvedMom

    Well, you will probably definitely “hear” me. I keep trying to control the giggle, but it hasn’t worked yet. Maybe I won’t find them as funny some day… Naaaahhh!

  15. bringmethathorizonx

    Yes, you were on my right! =] I’m glad you didn’t end up getting Sarah’s head in the shot (she was the one sitting in front) because your videos turned out great.

    Just got my tickets for next year, so I’m guessing I’ll see you again then! =)

  16. ashwinchester

    You’d better hope Jared is on your side then, cuz he moves around so much you’d probably get them both anyway. 😛 *shrugs* The guys an energetic little feller. Lol

  17. staxjannyfan

    I wish I could go to that many. I am struggling to pay for the one that I am going to. I can’t wait to go and meet the boys and all the other fantastic Supernatural fans such as yourself.


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