2 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

Jared & Jensen at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago, Nov 2008.
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25 thoughts on “2 – Supernatural Chicago Breakfast – 2008Nov

  1. MsEEvaM

    I dunno if i was sitting next to her youd be lucky to hear anything aside from my screaming and sobbing!!!!!! I didnt hear the girls honestly I was in lala land watching J2.

  2. 2311Kelsey

    Jensen was saying that she’s was a “small girl but ah it’s like…” and then Jared says “I’m going to eat you.”

  3. Chanelleml

    okay WHAT is Jared saying after jensen says “She is a really smart? girl but ah…” and jared cuts him off sayig &??????? before laughing? please tell cause what I hear is not nice at all LOL

  4. HopelessDaydreamer55

    oh my god, i love this! I love everything they do 😉

    Thanks for posting!

    Season premier tomorrow night! Woo hoo! <3

  5. Abby Beard

    I love the guys I would love to go to an asylum sometime but I am in college and I never know when they are going on, sometimes I hear about them, I always find out right after they happen lol! love the videos I watched them like 10 months ago and I am rewatching them now

  6. GGW81

    Not going to say it’s not annoying, but I do understand it. I would probably lose control of myself and get a little giddy if I were in the same room as these guys. These guys have a very powerful effect on the ladies. They are that hot!

  7. rsrvedMom

    They only seem so loud because they were right beside the camera. These were two 16 year old girls (my niece and her friend)…. They had never been to this kind of thing before and were a little hyper after being up all night waiting for seats. They were only referring to being up all night just to see Jared & Jensen up close and personal. I guess it was a little difficult to control themselves since they were only about 1/2 of a table away from two gorgeous and hilarious guys. Give ’em a break

  8. rsrvedMom

    I would love to know whether they are there for the scenes like that, but I doubt they are because they are uncomfortable enough. If Jared starts laughing, he doesn’t stop.

  9. ashwinchester

    I wonder if he’s embarressed that Jensen is obviously going to see that part. Or maybe Jensen was in the background watching..O.O..;P

  10. evaboon1980

    wonderfull sound, great quality thankyou so much! Going to the Asylum where Jensen and a lot of others like Jim Beaver are going to be and so looking forward to it :))
    Very funny detail about Ruby/Genevieve though, LOL it almost looks like Jensen was teasing him with it knowing a little more about it 😉

  11. rsrvedMom

    I just got back from the New Jersey Supernatural convention… Next year’s convention is going to be in November. It was a blast… No Jensen or Jared, but it had Jim Beaver and Misha Collins. Everybody was fabulous and Tracie Dinwiddie (Pamela Barnes) was a hoot!

  12. battousaiblade

    i’m from the East Coast and i wish they’d come to the sci-fi cons out here

    the girls sitting next to you were loud, but that’s fans

  13. rsrvedMom

    I wonder sometimes if that is at he is thinking when he does those “scenes”… Lucky girls!

  14. rsrvedMom

    They are great at all of these conventions. The breakfast moments are some of the best because they just chat with the audience… very casual and fun!


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