You can eat Healthy at McDonalds with Andrea Metcalf and the Kids Triathlon

Andrea Metcalf shows how you can eat fast food and still eat healthy! Then talks with Kids Triathlon Coaches in Chicago making a difference Find more from Andrea at or follow her on twitter @andreametcalf. Andrea is the author of best selling book, Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Weight loss Program for a slimmer, fitter, pain-free body. Celebrity healthy lifestyle spokesperson and Chicago Fitness Blogger
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6 thoughts on “You can eat Healthy at McDonalds with Andrea Metcalf and the Kids Triathlon

  1. td31g

    has anyone thought about foods that are in your freezer…they’re just as unhealthy. i don’t see how people think they can sue mcdonalds cause it’s unhealthy..

  2. ItsCoreyLynxxYall

    500 Calories in a meal is still way too much if you’re trying to stay at a decent weight. The only healthy options are the grilled snack wraps and the salads with or without grilled chicken and low fat dressings. Even then you will be consuming poisonous preservatives, sodium and unsaturated fats. Fast food is never a healthy option and should only be a last resort.

  3. rhythmali

    there is so much unsaturated fat in EVERYTHING that they serve. saturated fat is more heathy for you becuase your body can actually use it. when unsaturated fat is “grilled” (aka, grilled chicken sandwhich), it becomes rancid and is EXTREMELY harmful to your body. and dont even get me started about the so called “HEALTHY MENU”. Its better to just avoid fast food places if your on a diet.


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